Ketonic Diet and High Cholesterol Levels

Ken D Berry : Help! Eating Keto Increased My Cholesterol (It's OK and here's why) :



  1. No evidence that eating cholesterol increases CVD risk.
  2. Cholesterol is vital chemical in the body.  For example, cell membranes requires it, brains requires it (accounts for 20% of cholesterol in body), and many other functions.
  3. Statins cut supply of cholesterol to brain leading to Alzheimers.




Gotcha - drupal clean URL vs default

I have the following line in a module:

      $path = url(drupal_get_path('module', 'my_module') . '/images/my_image.png');

This ended up being embedded in an image tag. However, in two separate systems the image was displayed in one and not the other.

The difference being:

<img alt="This is a my image" src="/?q=sites/all/modules/examples/my_module/images/my_image.png" title="This is the title" />


How to Create a Remote git repository from existing local repository

Problem: You have some existing source in a local git repository and have decided you want to host this on a git server.


Login to remote git server

$ ssh git@
$ mkdir ~/myapp.git; cd ~/myapp.git
$ git --bare init
Initialized empty Git repository in /Users/git/myapp.git/
$ exit

Now associate your local git repository with this remote one and push file: